CANCELLED THE GLASS MENAGERIE-Royal Exchange Theatre is closed

In a shabby apartment, a troubled sister and her brother pick a path through the wreckage of a broken family home. Their mother is desperate to marry Laura off – so when Tom brings home a suitor for her, hopes are high that they may have found the man of their dreams. All this, Tom remembers – but memory is fragile, and the clarity of truth can be clouded over time.

Hot on the heels of his Stage Debut Award-winning Royal Exchange production of HOBSON’S CHOICE, Atri Banerjee returns with a devastating new take on the masterpiece that made Tennessee Williams’ name. Intimate and intense, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is a domestic play wrestling with global questions as, like Tom, Laura and Amanda, our world stands on the brink of change.

Please join us for these half-price preview performance.

Pat and Sue are sitting in- stage level seats E48 and E49 priced £18.75. Differently priced tickets are available

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June 5


07:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Royal Exchange Theatre

Manchester, GB