Philosophy Discussion Group – What is Life For?

This month we are discussing What is life for?

We will start be discussing whether life has a meaning and continue with the popular philosophical view that the purpose of life is happiness (Aristotle, Bentham and Mill to name but a few). However others believe that this life is a precursor for an afterlife (Plato and many religions). Others yet believe that the purpose of life lies in commitments.

Please come and bring your ideas what life is for or we can discuss in further detail any points raised in the Philosophy Café the previous week.

Please join me for what should be an interesting and stimulating evening.
Come to the Friends Meeting House (Room F17) for a stimulating discussion which might lead to greater of the meaning of life.

A fee of £3 will be collected to help fund the discussion groups.


July 11


06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Manchester IVC


Friends' Meeting House

6 Mount St

Manchester, GB