AIVC Event – Winchester Cafe Scientifique : “Science &Paleontology During Covid”

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This event is hosted and arranged by William Vine, the Group Organiser for Winchester Cafe Scientifique.

Basingstoke IVC science enthusiasts invite you to this talk on a very interesting subject. The topic of this evenings talk is “Science in the time of Covid, stories of palaeontology in peculiar times”. The talk is being delivered by Prof Neil Gostling.

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Neil Gostling is a larger-than-life Paleobiologist with an infectious enthusiasm for dinosaurs. He is Lecturer in Evolution and Palaeobioloy in the School of Biological Sciences, and the University of Southampton. Over the last year, he, and his students and colleagues have had to adapt to the global situation, but science hasn’t stopped, and neither has he. A new dinosaur (or 2); and a new understanding of mammalian physiology at the groups appearance, are just two of the things he will discuss in his talk.

Prof Neil Gostling. When he is not working on dinosaurs or stem mammals, Neil is the programme leader for the Zoology degree programme, and the MRes Evolution, from the Galapagos to the 21st Century. This exciting programme takes students to the Galapagos, and explores evolutionary processes across 9 Schools’ at the University of Southampton, from Biology to engineering, medicine to philosophy. Evolution underpins the science of biology.

Neil and his wife Claire lead the immensely popular Facebook group “The dinosaur on your windowsill” in celebration of everything that has ever lived.

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CONTACT: William Vine, Winchester Cafe Sci (Promoted by Bob Clifford, Basingstoke IVC Cafe Sci Organiser)



March 1


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

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