AIVC Event – Winchester Cafe Sci : “Model Medecine and Calculate Cancer”

Basingstoke science enthusiasts are invited to this extra event on a very interesting subject by Dr Joshua Bull. The subject of this evenings talk is “Modelling medicine and calculating cancer: using mathematics to describe disease”.

Regrettably, the public health situation still means it is likely to be some time before we can resume live meetings. We have decided to try out some online events, using Zoom, a popular and well tested platform for online meetings, , which many of you may be familiar with by now.

If it is successful, we may continue to broadcast talks from the Discovery Centre so that if people prefer not to be in a room with a large number of people they can still join in.

Mathematicians have studied patterns in nature for generations, but the idea of using maths to model biological systems is a relatively recent one. Since Alan Turing described how simple chemical interactions could give rise to complex biological patterns in 1952, mathematicians have deployed a vast range of techniques to help comprehend the intricate interactions observed in nature.

This talk will highlight how mathematics can be used to help understand modern medical problems, particularly in the fields of cancer research and immunology. We will consider how differential equations can be used to simulate tumour growth and treatment, examine how ideas from fields as diverse as topology and spatial statistics can be used to help target novel immunotherapies, and ask whether in the future mathematics could be at the heart of how doctors treat disease.

Dr Joshua Bull is a postdoctoral researcher in the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology, part of the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute. His research focuses on developing mathematical and statistical tools to describe immune cell interactions with cancer, and on integrating these techniques with medical imaging software to provide practical tools for medical researchers and pathologists. His work sits at the intersection of mathematics, computer vision, statistics, immunology and oncology.

You will need the Zoom client installed on your computer, tablet or phone. Short video on using Zoom here:

Only one ticket needed per screen. If you are sharing with someone, they don’t need a separate ticket.

We will open the meeting from 7pm so people can settle in, chat etc. There will be a break between talk and Q&A when people can chat etc. It’s not the same as live but closer than I thought

A recording will be available after the event on YouTube.

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September 7


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

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