AIVC Event – Murder on the Underground Express

(Interactive virtual murder mystery experience – Milton Keynes IVC Event) – After Langdon Park, a self-made millionaire, was killed during the private inaugural outing of his new underground train, the police had no choice but to assume that the killer had been invited to the event. The world-famous detective for hire, Reynard Gull, was called upon to investigate the murder, and so the honoured guests of Mr Park are cordially invited and legally required to attend an evening of investigation, examining the evidence, listening to witness statements and working with Reynard Gull to crack the case.

You will need a ticket! Either buy your own, or club together for a slightly better deal. Tickets £6 or less.

We will also need to book our slot, so let’s agree to book on Sat 4th July so that we can all get onto the same game.

For all contact details, Members should see the AIVC website (“Events>AIVC Events”).


July 18


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Manchester IVC