AIVC Event – How UK Can Get to Zero Carbon

Skeptics in the pub are going online! Come and join other Basingstoke Science Cafe members listening to this online talk on “How the UK can get to zero carbon” hosted by Chris Goodall who is a businessman, author and expert on new energy technologies.

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The UK has declared a ‘climate emergency’ and pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050. So how do we get there? Drawing on actions, policies and technologies already emerging around the world, Chris Goodall sets out the ways to achieve this. His proposals include: –

– Building a huge over-capacity of wind and solar energy, storing the excess as hydrogen.
– Using hydrogen to fuel our trains, shipping, boilers and heavy industry, while electrifying buses, trucks and cars.
– Using technical solutions to capture CO2 from the air, and biochar to lock carbon in the soil.

“What We Need To Do Now” is an urgent, practical and inspiring plan that signals a green new deal for Britain.

Chris Goodall is a businessman, author and expert on new energy technologies. His expertise lies in low carbon energy generation, low carbon heat, electric cars, storage and and geoengineering.

His début book “How to Live a Low-Carbon Life” won the 2007 Clarion award for non-fiction. His second book, “Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate” (2008), was one of the Financial Times’ Books of the Year. His other works include “The Green Guide for Business” (2010), “Sustainability: All That Matters” (2012) and “Switch” (2016). He latest book, “What We Need to Do Now For a Zero Carbon Future” was published in February 2020.

Chris operates the website Carbon Commentary. He has also written for The Guardian, The Independent, Abundance and the Ecologist. He has spoken at literary festivals around the UK, at the British Library, the Science Museum and many universities. He is an alumnus of the University of Cambridge and Harvard Business School (MBA).

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