AIVC Event – Discussion : The Future of IVC

Bob Clifford, Mike Timmis and Dave Lawrence are having an informal discussion on IVC on Tuesday Sept 22nd at 6pm on Zoom. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Possible topics for speculation (and this is only speculation) might include:

How well has IVC coped with the pandemic and resulting shut downs?
What role has AIVC played in dealing with the situation.
Will we want to continue with Zoom events after the pandemic is over?
Should there be just one national IVC club with centralised membership, fee collection, corporate identity, web site and centralised committee structure with local branches.
How could this be used to widen the clubs geographical reach?
If so how much autonomy would local branches have i.e. own bank accounts.
How can we reach out to other organisations?

This is all pure speculation and is prompted by the impact of the pandemic. It in no way reflects the views of any IVC club. You are welcome to bring along any other issues that you would like discussed.

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September 22


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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