AIVC Event – Cyber Cafe Scientifique : The Science of Golf

Science and Tech enthusiasts from Basingstoke IVC Science Cafe and aIVC groups are invited to this free to attend Cyber Cafe Scientifique online talk called “The Science of Golf”.

Carl Bianco, pro at Woking Golf Club, charts a course through the twists and turns of golf science and technologies.

Cafe Scientifique is a national movement for science and technology in casual settings: each has its own character but all are fun, engaging, informal and explore fascinating ideas in science and technology.

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Carl Bianco, Woking Golf Club Pro, with over 20 years professional experience in golf, charts a course through the twists and turns of golf and the science and technologies behind it.

Originally Woking Cafe Scientifique, Cyber Cafe Scientifique is our attempt to keep things running as normally as possible and keep active, lively discussion of science open and accessible to all.

This is a free event, and will always remain so. If you would like to contribute to our running costs, please use the Supporter’s Ticket option to make a donation.

CONTACT: Woking Cafe Scientifique; Bob Clifford, Organiser Basingstoke IVC Science Cafe ([email protected])


June 18


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Manchester IVC