AIVC Event – Covid 19 : Should we Launch CBDC Money in Response

Science and tech enthusiasts with Basingstoke IVC and Science Cafe invite other IVC groups to join an online discussion from Positive Money about whether a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) would help us repair the economic and political damage being created by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

This online event will form part of a future general theme of digital money Basingstoke Science cafe wants to develop including discussion of currencies like BitCoin and the use of Block Chain technology in financial systems.


The Covid-19 public health emergency, and economic fallout bring into sharp focus the weaknesses in our economy and financial system. With control of our money and payments system increasingly concentrated in a small number of private banks, we are particularly vulnerable to the threat of a future financial crisis. This has led to growing calls for a Central Bank Digital Currency as a way of maintaining trust in the monetary system, by securing a public digital means of payment.

This webinar will present Positive Money’s new report, ‘Money we Trust’, and bring together experts and thinkers to discuss different aspects of CBDC design and implementation. We will also explore the arguments for and against accelerating its implementation in response to economic and financial instability resulting from the Covid-19 crisis.

The panel discussion will feature a presentation by the report’s co-author Zack Livingstone, followed by response from the panel and an audience Q&A.

– Izabella Kaminska: Editor, Financial Times Alphaville blog
– Frances Coppola: Financial commentator and author, ‘The Case For People’s Quantitative Easing’
– Rohan Grey: Founder & President, the Modern Money Network
– Fran Boait: Executive Director, Positive Money

Zack Livingstone: report co-author, Positive Money

(Additional speakers TBC)
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If you have any technical problems joining the webinar, the event will also be livestreamed on facebook. The livestream will be advertised on our social media channels.


April 23


12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

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