AIVC Event – A Mission : OU Pollinator Watch on Your Daily Walk

Here is some Citizen Science you can take part in and enjoy while doing your daily exercise or working in your garden / allotment … help the Open University with their Pollinator watch project.

Just go to the web site below for more details …

Mission Brief

Can you imagine not having strawberries, apples or even chocolate to eat, or coffee to drink?

Much of the food we eat including fruits, nuts and beans are pollinated by insects. These insect pollinators are essential for many flowers, carrying pollen between plants so enabling seed production.

We designed this mission to help you learn more about insect pollinators and the benefits they bring; benefits that are largely taken for granted. Whilst observing current Government guidance on restricted movement, social distancing and washing your hands as soon as you get home, we would like you to spend some time in your outdoor spaces looking for insect pollinators. Anyone can take part whether you have a small window-box, balcony, or garden.

We are asking you to share your observations or upload photographs of the insect pollinators you see and answer some questions. In doing so, you will help us understand which pollinators are commonly observed and where, as well as how much we know about these important species. This mission will help you learn about different types of pollinating insects, why they are important and why they need our help.



June 4


02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Manchester IVC