AIVC Event – 2020 New Years Eve – AIVC Clubhouse Party

Lets get 2021 off with a bang by having a virtual New Years Eve Party in the new aIVC Inter-group Virtual Clubhouse.

This will be a public event to encourage Meetup members to join us as prospective members.

You can use the aIVC Clubhouse party for small group conversations to discuss the music playing on Jools Holland Hootenanny, watching the New Year Fireworks on telly and sharing a glass of fizz with other members online. Look for the regions in the meeting room for the clubs you are interested in.

We are experimenting in aIVC with some of the new generation of tools that enriches online meeting and socialising. The first one we are trying is The user feedback seen so far included being amazed by the different way it made the user feel and the freedom experienced as compared to the normal webconferencing tools like Zoom.

It was described as feeling like they could “walk around” online and by getting close to someone else could talk to him or her. A completely different online experience than a Zoom breakout room where you are ‘put’ in the breakout by the facilitator and hardly dare to leave. If it is to be compared to a face-to-face experience it was described as resembling the online version of a reception or gathering.

As the system only allows up to 15 areas to be marked out in a room, we have created a set of regional rather than club areas in the main Clubhouse room. The region areas are like markings on the floor of a function room. The markings allow guests to identify where discussion circles for a particular club are likely to be found.

The regional areas that have been created in the room are:

aIVC Committee
South East
South West
East of England
North East
North West

The following link will take you to main aIVC Clubhouse meeting room …

The main Inter-group Virtual Clubhouse room will be open 24/7 … even when none of the aIVC room hosts are present. This means all club members will be able to come in at any time of the day or night and find out who is around to chat with.


December 31 - 10:00 pm


January 1 - 01:00 am

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Manchester IVC