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Manchester IVC is a friendly, informal club offering a wide variety of social, cultural and outdoor activities. The club is run by its members for its members, and overseen by an elected committee. Typical events include an afternoon walk every Sunday, meals, theatre trips, day trips, discussion groups, cinema trips, art gallery tours, pub quizes, etc.
Membership is open to all, though our members tend to be aged 45 upwards and live mainly in Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Both singles and couples are welcome to join. Membership runs from January to December each year, with the membership fee for 2021 being just £10. If you join during October, November or December, your membership will run until the end of the following calendar year.

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New members are always very welcome and are given any help needed if they want to organise an event once they have got to know people. If you are interested in joining, email the membership secretary on [email protected] so that we can send you more information. You are welcome to attend any number of our events for a month before deciding whether you wish to join. In addition to this website, we have a Meetup site where paid up members of Manchester IVC can view full event details. There is also the Manchester IVC Public Group Meetup site (currently not updated) where we post occasional events especially suitable for new enquirers, so check that site out as well.
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Our Testimonial

  • “As a long-term member of both Manchester and Birmingham IVC, over the years I’ve found the club to be a great way to make friends and to enjoy social, cultural and sporting events in the company of like-minded people. I particularly recommend the weekly Sunday pub lunch followed by an afternoon walk.” Mike

  • “Membership of IVC for the last two years has given the opportunity to enhance social life, make new friends and engage in a range of activities with like minded people.  From walking, theatre, social events to learning something new and being inspired by art gallery talks, a friendly welcome is always assured.” Anon

  • “I would urge anyone who feels shy to come on Manchester IVC’s Sunday afternoon walks. You will be made to feel very welcome, and can have a meal before or after the walk or none at all. It is very relaxed and enjoyable. See you there!” Josyane

  • “Manchester IVC has the widest range of cultural activities on offer – one of the best walking clubs as well, with a fair number of local walks, plus some more challenging ones too, a good friendship club.” Maura

  • “I have been a member for many years and have made some good and long lasting friends. I can recommend Manchester IVC to anyone wanting to widen their social circle and enjoy our events.” Chris

  • “I joined IVC specifically for the walks but soon discovered lots of other fun stuff with the club. I have made cherished lifelong friendships and this is certainly the main benefit for me.  Long may our worthy institution prosper!” Freddy

  • “I have found IVC a welcoming group and enjoyed many of their Sunday walks and lovely pub lunches and chats along the way. A great way to get to know new people and areas around Manchester.” Annie